Do not send @davewestfall_1 any hate or Cyber bully him, both are unethical and condemned by Alice Almeida (also known as @LovinSunshine97, author of this post).

A quick introduction to Twitter’s #WritingComunity

Twitter is a social media network for all kinds of people. All one has to do is search through accounts and hashtags to find their favorite niche and enjoy the content they prefer, talk to people with similar interests and even make new friends.

One of the strongest communities on Twitter is the #WritingCommunity where upcoming and veteran authors connect and share their work. Some of the tags used by this community often is #writerslift #readingcommunity #pinforpin #amwriting among others. The genres are endless, and someone who loves to read and write is bond to find something new and exciting they will love.

The kindness to help each other share their work seemed to be for free, but one man slipped through the cracks and used this his influence to harass different members of this community for years. This came to light recently, when screenshots of Direct Messages (called DMs on twitter) came to light. 

Before getting into this, it is worth mentioning that there’s a writer and speaker known professionally as Dave Westfall (aka @DaveWestfall on twitter) who is not the same as @davewestfall_1

@davewesrfall_1 is constantly changing his username to hide from his alleged “haters”, so by the time this article is out, he might have changed already; as many users have been calling attention to his behavior through the tag #DAVE

Superficially, the person known as Dave is a Twitter user who dedicates his time to the #WritersLift tag, encouraging members of the writing community to follow new writers. As you can see on his main profile that is all he ever tweets about.

For a while now he has been known as the guy who helps new authors get new followers and feel part of the writing community. With a “selfless” disposition to help (mostly new female) authors, @davewestfall_1 had been known as a “warm welcome” to new authors on twitter.

Recently DMs of his real intentions have surfaced the #WritingCommunity tag, as Dave is seen trying to manipulate female authors, using his 43k following as leverage. He promises to help them gain more followers, if they agree to do sexual favors for him. He seemed to target female erotica writers the most, and has even been accused of using multiple accounts to tweet hateful things to the women who rejected him or boost his own account.

The account @pastorjebediah1 on Twitter has been banned or deleted.

Do not send @davewestfall_1 any hate or Cyber bully him, both are unethical and condemned by Alice Almeida (also known as @LovinSunshine97, author of this post).

Instead, please try doing this:

  • Report his account to Twitter Support
  • Unfollow him and block him
  • RT and like the original threads to spread awareness
  • Share this article, if you thought it was helpful to you
  • Sign the petition [here] to ban him from Twitter

The #WritingComunity on Twitter should be a safe space for ALL writers, regardless of their gender, identity, race, sexual orientation or what they write about, among others. Together we can ban a man who is dangerous and harmful, and protect our community.


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