Diaries of a Madwoman

Alton, Illinois (July 14,2022)

Where should I start my story? I’ve been posting so many short updates on Instagram, I don’t even know where the begging is anymore.

Well, I guess I’m going to start at an ending then…

I was at the Guarulhos International Airport, my friend @thais drove me and my mom with everything we owned in her car. I was moving from São Paulo. Hours earlier I had broken down in tears, because I was leaving my best friends behind; they gave me the strength to navigate through this life so many times, I couldn’t picture life without them.

I was happy though, hopeful and excited; I was finally going home, and  in life every ending is a new beginning. I thought this would be the start of something great! 

Boy, if only I knew the “start of something great” would be so hard. 

First we took a ten hour flight to Houston, then got a fourteen hour layover, then took another two hour flight to St. Louis. My poor cat @coppeliathecatnottheballet was inside her carrier for most of it. I tried to take her to s pet relief area in the airport, but she’s very picky with her bathroom spot. 

We made it alright, until we realized things wouldn’t fit inside the car. We had to get a cab just for our luggage and our boxes and we drove to our first home in America; a cheap-ish motel.

The motel was filthy, in the middle of nowhere, but I was game for any bed where I could rest with my mom and my cat. The area we were at was meant to be a “good one”, surrounded by trees and little birds, but I couldn’t smoke by myself, as in: I couldn’t be alone for two minutes, because “who knows who else is staying at the motel”. I started to freak out, locked inside the room all day watching Law & Order. 

One day, as I was laying on the bed, my mother screamed: 

“There’s a mouse in the room!” 

Lo and behold, there it was, a field mouse under our mini bar! 

Tiny, with its back all brown and spotted, and a light beige belly; it was so cute. Being a mouse lover I wanted to pick it up and keep it as a pet, but my family kept telling me it might have rabies. I couldn’t pick it up anyways, it was too fast, and I had my cat with me, so I put her in the carrier, scared the mouse would make her sick and tried to make it go inside a box. With no luck, I kept trying to lure it in a cardboard box, he was too smart for that. I’ll tell you though, the little guy ate a lot of bread crumbs that day. 

The hotel sent someone over, but all they did was put sticky paper on the floor; which the mouse promptly walked over all of them. Then they tried giving us a better room, but it only had one bed, so they tried yet another room! 

In the end, my family decided to go to another hotel. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, it was just a field mouse (I might have not been thinking clearly that day, shit like that shouldn’t happen, right?). 

We ended up going to a different motel, but it was still the same franchise, so much better could it be? 

Still, what a “Welcome to America!” that was, even the wild life came around to say hello. I’ll be uploading the rest of my story as it happens, and I write, but shit is weird, and bad, and all shades of messed up. Somehow though, I’ve kept my cool, most of the time at least, and I’m still able to sit quietly and write my story. 

Anyways, right?

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